How soon can you pickup my vehicle?

99 % of the time, all our cars move whiten 72 hours, now that’s not saying we can’t find you a carrier in the next 15 min. but the only way to do this, is to get started and get the team of dispatches making out bound calls and putting your vehicle on the national loading board, that all truckers monitor.

Do we take an upfront deposit?

NO,NO, NO, Never give a upfront deposit, why should you pay for something, when the company has not rendered you any service. That is the old bait and switch. Companies that take an upfront deposit, make you feel obligated, when they call you back and ask you for more money. Only when you are given the drivers name and number and agree to the time of pick up, should anything be taking.

How long does a car transport take?

East Coast to West Coast – takes approximately 7-10 days
Mid-West to East Coast – takes approximately 5-7 days
North to South – takes approximately 3-5 days
” If you give us sufficient amount of time, our dispatches can find you a team driver and get it there even sooner”

Can I ship items by putting them inside my vehicle?

For the quickest pickup and delivery, we recommend you remove all items from your vehicle; however, should you decide to leave items in the vehicle, up to 100 lbs is allowed and all items must be secured, for an extra fee, to the carrier, you can put more items in your vehicle but of course these driver go through weigh stations. Please call 877-880-5991 and talk with a dispatcher for the exact price.

Can I check on the status of my transportion after it is picked up?

We will always give you the drivers name and number, so you can always be in the same loop, Also, our dispatch department works 7 day’s a week, 16 hours a day, this way you can always call us with any questions.

Do I need to be there in person to release the vehicle to the driver or accept it for pickup?

We always recommend to the customer that they are there for pickup and delivery of the vehicle, if that is not possible you may have a designated person there to handle the process for you. This person will be required to go around the vehicle with the driver and go through the inspection to make sure the vehicle was delivered in the condition it was picked up. In addition if the vehicle was sent with the remaining payment to be made upon delivery someone will need to be there to make payment to the driver unless other arrangements are made.

Why does a truck or SUV shipment cost more than a regular sedan?

Shipments are based on weight that a truck can legally carry – this is why there is a small price difference between $75.00 and $200.00 for a regular truck or S.U.V. Size of the vehicle also dictates how many vehicles a particular carrier can haul at any one time. The larger the vehicles, the less amount can be hauled, thus smaller vehicles are cheaper to ship.

Please give us a call 877-880-5991, we use nothing but the best drivers and take the time to look into their records and we can scan email you this or fax it over, at the time of dispatch. Have a wonderful day.